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While the existing structures may work well for the generality of situations, they are clearly not nearly sufficient for dealing with the scale of problems being experienced in the most deprived areas of Limerick City. (J.Fitzgerald, 2007)


Supporting Urban Renewal and Regeneration in Limerick (SSIRL) is a collaborative programme to support long-term, strategic and systemic social inclusion within the Limerick Regeneration Process and across Limerick, focusing on:

  • Building public service capacity towards greater quality, integration and  impact
  • Strengthening the ability of residents to participate in revitalisation efforts

Service Description

SSIRL set up a social innovation fund to incentivise innovation in public services in Limerick.  SSIRL is funding a multi-strand, integrated programme of prevention and early intervention services for children in Limerick’s Regeneration Areas called “Improving Outcomes for Children in the Communities targeted for Regeneration in Limerick”.   

The focus of this is on enabling public service agencies to build up capacities to implement long-term and sustainable improvements in existing mainstream practice, with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention.

Meet The Team

Photo Neil Haran Programme Manager Email

Team Members

Martin Galvin Assistant Programme Manager
Anna Fraher Programme Officer
Catherine McCarthy Administrator

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