Prevention and Early Intervention Network

Embedding prevention and early intervention into policy and practice.

<strong><em>Who</em></strong> We Are

The Prevention and Early Intervention Network (PEIN) was formed in 2010, to bring together evidence-based practice, advocacy and research organisations, in order to:

  • Share, develop and disseminate learning;
  • Support the work of member organisations;
  • Shape policy and practice, nationally, internationally and locally by:
    • Networking and building relationships;
    • Creating learning opportunities:
    • Influencing policy, practice and public discourse.

PEIN is now inviting membership from a wide range of individuals and organisations who are implementing programmes, activities or approaches in child and family services, based on a prevention or early intervention approach. This will enrich PEIN’s capacity to offer a wide-ranging and inclusive perspective on Prevention and

Early Intervention in the Irish context to potential partners, extend the learning and offer all members opportunities for engagement with a broad range of stakeholders.

Resources and Publications

PEIN aims to support and advocate for the undertaking of research to
improve the access, understanding, quality and use of ‘evidence’ in relation to prevention and early intervention in Ireland. In order to facilitate the ongoing development and dissemination of an evidence base, PEIN offers members the opportunity to showcase Resources and Publications which demonstrate ‘what works’ in terms of prevention and early intervention in an Irish context.

Training and Programme Development

PEIN aims to harness the key learning in prevention and early intervention to enhance the capacity of existing and new practitioners and services to deliver evidence-informed interventions If you are an education and training provider, contact us to see how we can contribute to your participant knowledge and understanding of evidenced-based and evidence-informed prevention and early intervention approaches.

Our <strong><em>Vision</em></strong>


Embedding Prevention and Early Intervention into Policy and Practice

The role of evidence-based / informed prevention and early intervention in working
for better outcomes for children and young people is understood nationally and locally

The central importance of the rights of the child are recognised and upheld, in government policy, agency practice and amongst the public at large

Funding stream for evidence-based / informed prevention and early intervention
are central to the implementation of government policy

What PEIN offers to members
   Members avail of networking opportunities and meetings to develop and disseminate implementation learning and experience, locally, nationally and internationally
   Thematic Working Groups offer valuable opportunities for organisational representatives to work collaboratively to develop position papers, formulate policy recommendations, and identify best practice
   The PEIN website offers a useful contact point for each Member organisation, including links to their programmes, publications and online resources
  PEIN advocates on behalf of its members for increase recognition of and support for prevention and early intervention in services for children and families.

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