Watch below to see some of our media interviews, or check out our youtube channels PEIN and Hands Up For Children to follow our work.

Five “Champions” of Prevention and Early Intervention speak about their experience of the need to provide a protective layer of support to families and children early on to prevent later damage such as homelessness and imprisonment – and of the benefit of parenting programmes.

How to Implement PEI Programmes. This series of  12 videos explores the experience of  implementing  PEI programmes in various areas across the country. Speakers talk about their experience of implementation process in terms of finding the right programme for their area and community, the planning and resourcing involved, and how they were operationalised.

Brian Harvey, author of the PEIN short paper, “Making the Case for Prevention and Early Intervention” speaks about the moral and economic need for PEI in Ireland

Noirin Hayes and Foluke Oladuso being interviewed on RTE Morning Edition


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