OAP/Unwaged/Student Membership


Open to individuals who are interested in or working for/with children and families.


Membership Fees

Membership fees are set on a sliding scale from €20 per year and (where relevant) are based on the annual turnover of the organisation.

Annual Income Band: the total income received by an organisation in one year, including all sources of statutory and other funding, earned income, etc.

Membership Type Annual Income Band Fee per Annum
Organisational  Membership €0 – €75,000 €75
€75,001 – €250,000 €150
€250,000 – €1,000,000 €250
€1,000,000 – €5,000,000 €350
€5,000,000 + €400
Individual Member €40
OAPs/Unwaged/Student €20

Terms of Membership

Members are expected to support the PEIN vision and principles as outlined in the Terms of Membership.